Sukyo Mahikari, Jesus, and You

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This website is the result of extensive reading about the Japanese spiritual movement known as Sukyo Mahikari. I have spent many hours reading a range of Mahikari literature, both supportive and critical of the movement. I have also found that Mahikari teachings provide an interesting contrast and challenge to my Christian beliefs. This website is a response to Mahikari teachings as they relate to Christianity, specifically its teachings about Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian faith. I aim to show you how I believe Mahikari teachings about Jesus Christ are wrong, and that the Biblical account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is trustworthy.

Enter On Your Left

If you wish to explore these issues further, follow the links on the left of this page to read more. You will also find a page of links to what I consider to be the best sources of information about Mahikari on the web.